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Meet the A team

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Clinton Scarfe

Owner / Project manager 

Clint believes you can have a team of champions and it can also be a champion team. Clint has been in the building game for more than 20 years and knows the ins and outs of each trade and is responsible for the cohesion between them. He prides himself and his team on excellent communication, detailed planning and finishing the job with perfection. Clint believes keeping the customers informed with the progress and schedule of the job is very important. A safe happy workplace is a good one and when tradesmen are happy, safe and paid well the quality of workmanship is at its highest. Insight are experts at creating this type of workplace environment.

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Carey Scarfe


Owner / Project manager

Carey has 15 years experience in the building industry. He keeps a close eye worldwide to keep Insight up to date with the modern styles and trends. Careys meticulous planning ensures the Insight team runs very efficiently. He is still very much hands on with all the tradesmen and liases with the clients on a daily basis from start of project to completion. He understands bathroom renovations when managed poorly can interrupt everyday household operations. This is why Carey has put into place protocols and procedures to minimise impact on clients during the renovation. He prides himself on most of our projects having 2 week turnarounds from start to finish.

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Keith Whyte

Head estimator

Keith was once a customer of Insights in the early days. After seeing how competitive Insights quotes were price wise and then witnessing the quality of the workmanship he applied to join the team. He's been with us ever since and believes that outstanding customer service delivered with honesty and integrity is paramount. He really enjoys assisting our customers to find the right design and layout for their bathroom and laundry. Insights quotations and  years of experience are free so why not tap into it now and call, text or email now for a free quote

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Greg Johnston

Head plumber

Greg has extensive experience in the building sector and we are proud to say is the head plumber at Insight Bathroom Renovations. Greg is up to date with all the current legislations on plumbing and works closely with the electrical side too to make sure both electrical and plumbing codes are in correlation and Insights bathrooms are 100 percent safe. Gregs been plumbing for 20 years and beleives the job should be done right the first time. He only uses the best materials and maintains a very high standard of plumbing.

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Austin De Vries

Head tiler

Austin is the head tiler at Insight and has been tiling for over 20 years. His meticulous attention to detail and his precision planning prior to tiling your bathroom is what makes Insights bathrooms stand out from the rest. He only uses the industry proven high quality  adhesives, grouts, waterproofing and silicones to ensure his jobs will easily outlast the 8 year mandatory warranty on workmanship. Austin is an artist and also a perfectionist. 

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Brett Pepper

Head electrician

Brett proudly has been an electrician for 24 years and holds an accident free record. As we all know electrical work is dangerous and we a so happy to have the switched on Brett Pepper as our leading electrician. He is up to date with all the electrical codes and signs off on each of his jobs to the electrical commission. He also works closely with Greg to ensure both the electrical and plumbing codes correlate to ensure 100 percent safety in Insights bathrooms.  

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Russel Mcintyre

Head Glazier

Anybody that has met Russel before will know he's an absolute perfectionist. He produces millimetre perfect custom shower screens and mirrors. He has over 25 years experience in the glazing industry. Its his communication with the tilers and project managers prior to the start of the bathroom that gives Insight bathrooms mirrors, windows and shower screens there perfect installation and immaculate finish. Russel is a great communicator and has great attention to fine detail.

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